Job Title:
Graphic Designer

Diploma Graphic Design
Master Applied Anthropology
Bachelor of Arts

Rachel Tyne

Rachel is a passionate Graphic Designer who is inspired by the colourful, natural environment of Cairns. Originally from Sydney, she moved to Cairns two years ago and retrained in Graphic Design.

She brings 10 years of Project Management experience but is much happier spending her days being creative. She loves typography, logo and branding, print design and illustration.

Rachel balances the computer work with teaching yoga around Cairns.

Describe what you do at Forte Marketing?
Graphic Design.

What solutions do you deliver to clients?
Branding; logo design; social media; marketing collateral.

We all have different ways of working - how would you describe your approach to work?
Utilising my creative skills to develop a satisfying solution for a client. I enjoy working collaboratively so Forte is great as we have experts in many areas to draw on.

What did you do before you started at Forte Marketing and what most appealed to you about joining the team?
I previously worked as a Project Manager and decided I wanted to be more creative in my work so retrained in Graphic Design.

I am also a Yoga Teacher.

Joining Forte is an opportunity to work in a creative agency providing solutions for local businesses, and with a positive team environment.

What is your greatest source of enjoyment at Forte Marketing?
The team and work environment.

Can you tell us about the most memorable moment of your career?
Introducing Thai kids to Christmas by writing, directing, performing and singing in a Christmas pageant at a primary school in Thailand.

If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower?
I would fly like an eagle, soaring above the mountains and oceans of our beautiful planet.

What would you typically be doing and where would we find you when you’re not at work?
Teaching yoga, snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding, walking along the beach with my dog Coco, cooking and sharing delicious food with good friends.

Tell us something surprising about yourself.
I have travelled extensively and spent a long time living and working overseas in the UK, Thailand and India.

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