Yixy Ruan

Job Title:
Multimedia Graphic Designer

BA Fine Arts - Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.


Describe what you do at Forte Marketing?
I am a storyteller who uses visual elements to showcase/actualise client concepts and communications.

I’m a multimedia graphic designer. Working across both traditional and digital media, I am responsible for creating the visual media and materials for our clients' campaigns and collateral. This can vary from designing websites for clients before we go into development, through to branding and concept creation. 

What solutions do you deliver to clients?
I deliver visual media and graphics for campaigns and collateral, alongside web design.

I have experience working at advertising agencies and international corporate companies, so I always see the bigger picture. My aim is to deliver communication solutions for our clients that enable them to achieve sustainable growth, share their message and communicate on a larger scale. 

We all have different ways of working - how would you describe your approach to work?
I like a very professional working environment and I like to be ready for anything. I think that Forte has created a very easy way to be professional and to communicate. I feel very comfortable with this style of work.

I also like to have an organised schedule for me to manage and I like very clear creative briefs. Louise and Darren are great at helping me achieve that.

What did you do before you started at Forte Marketing and what most appealed to you about joining the team?
Before I moved to Cairns I worked in Beijing and Sydney at Ogilvy, one of the world's leading advertising agencies. I then worked in the Global Marketing Team at Schneider Electric.  As you can imagine, I was able to be part of lots of creative work for a wide variety of clients, such as Myer, Telstra, Qantas, American Express, IBM, Cisco and Milo.

After moving to Cairns I became a professional artist. I had several exhibitions in the Cairns Regional Gallery and KickArts Gallery and I also taught art classes for adults and children at the Regional Gallery.

After being an artist for several years, I missed the excitement of creating marketing campaigns and the industry. Forte drew me because we have things in common, such as our experiences in work and our work styles. I enjoy the multicultural environment.

What is your greatest source of enjoyment at Forte Marketing?
It's an entertaining work environment full of fun, jokes and great music as well as great people and nice cheese in the fridge.

Can you tell us about the most memorable moment of your career? 
When I was working in Ogilvy, Sydney, my colleagues held a surprise baby shower for me. That was the only surprise party I’ve ever had. I felt so grateful and loved.

If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower?
I’ve always wanted the ability to time travel. I would love to travel to the future and see how I can correct things and change my path based on aspects of my future life that I like and don’t like. Like a fortune teller.

What would you typically be doing and where would we find you when you’re not at work?
In the kitchen cooking... my favourite thing to cook is dumplings.

Tell us something surprising about yourself.
I run full marathons and I really enjoy it. I have run the Beijing and Paris marathons.

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