The start of a lasting relationship

Just as you know the ins and outs of your business, we know marketing. We make it our business to know the difference between wordsmiths, Woocommerce and WordPress.

Through combining your industry knowledge with our marketing expertise, we aim to make your customers sit up and take notice of your story, right from the start.

To be effective, you need a strategy, one which is carefully crafted and well executed, so you can be confident that your budget is being invested wisely.

We provide beginning to end support, helping you plan, implement and evaluate each step of your story.


Louise Ottewell

Campaign Management
Images of Louise Ottewell

Having spent the best part of 20 years helping guide numerous companies through the minefield that is marketing, I admit that I do know more than your average bear. I believe in continual improvement and evolvement, time doesn’t stay still, and neither do your competitors.

I am here to make you look good because sometimes, saying great things about yourself in a way which sets you apart from everyone else, is really, really hard. Making an impression is easy, making the right impression is a challenge – transformational marketing is what I do best.

Career highlights:

  • Launch of the rebranded BBC recruitment advertising style across the entire corporation
  • Led numerous marketing teams in both London and Australia
  • Secured multi-million-dollar government tenders for clients
  • Managed the social media, marketing and PR for a major Australian Tourist Attraction
  • Developed and delivered countless successful creative campaigns for global brands

Darren Baines

Project Management
Campaign Planning

With an eye for numbers and technical transformation, I’ve gradually shifted from traditional to digital marketing over the course of the past 12 years. Honing in my project management skills, whilst delivering digital solutions from websites and online stores to CRM implementations and automation.

That being said, I am an awesome campaign marketer. Whether it’s a product launch or brand communications; I help clients develop and implement campaigns that meet objectives and generate outstanding results.

Career highlights:

  • Launching online account facility for building materials manufacturer
  • Website launch of Range Rover Evoque in 13 countries
  • Successful rebrand of renowned construction company
  • Marketing strategy and launch campaign for innovative plaster products
  • Digital development projects including CRM, ecommerce and intranet implementations

Our team


We work with creative professionals, developers and technical wizards. These are people we know personally, people who share the same values, drive and commitment as ourselves.

Whilst the world we live in today maybe shrinking in terms of connectivity, nothing beats good old-fashioned chemistry built through spending time with actual people.