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Cost-effective hosting that enables small businesses to do big business online.

The key difference between a website that looks great and a website that performs great, is often the engine that’s driving it. And like all engines, fine-tuning, regular servicing, and higher specs, will almost certainly deliver a faster, more efficient performance. In today’s competitive digital landscape, performance matters; impacting Google rankings, online sales, website conversions and customer satisfaction.

Website Conversions

The first five seconds have the highest impact on conversion rates. Conversions drop by 4.42% with every additional second of load time. (Portent, 2019)

Search Engine Optimisation

Google has confirmed that speed will have a more prominent effect on the ranking of mobile searches.

Customer Loyalty

46% of online shoppers say checkout speed in the #1 factor that decides if they will return to a website. (Source, Akamai, Radware)

WordPress Website hosting packages

With over 35% of all websites powered by WordPress (Source: Whoishostingthis.com) and even more local small and medium sized businesses opting to use the content management system (CMS), Forte Marketing provides a dedicated solution designed specifically for WordPress websites that also comes complete with our Security Guarantee.

See the difference for yourself

10GB Disk space Your website isn’t sharing a server with hundreds of other websites, allowing performance to remain constant and efficient, 24/7.
50GB Bandwidth Your website will have sufficient data allocation to serve all visitors with faster processing and making sure your website loads quicker.
25K visits per month (scales if needed) Hosting scales as needed, managing traffic spikes (from 10K to 100M users), so your site remains live at those important moments in business.
Security Guarantee If your site is ever hacked on our platform, we will restore and rectify it at our time and cost.
SSL Certificates Authenticates the identity of your website and encrypts sensitive information your website may carry or store.
Cloud based, scalable hosting using AWS and Google Cloud Platform. WordPress exclusive hosting. All elements are optimised to host WP sites, which benefits both the platform with updates and recommendations, whilst improving performance.
Global Content Delivery Network (CDN), uptime protection, data redundancy and security layers. Increase the speed with which dynamic and rich media content is delivered to your website visitors, no matter where they are in the world.
Automatic platform updates to improve security and performance. Protect your website from hackers and cyber-attacks. With automatic updates your website’s security will always be up to date.
Script updates We update all the server components and handle WordPress core updates.
Regular Back Ups You no longer have to worry about (or pay extra for) backups.
Email Accounts (via G-Suite)* ($10 pm/u) Maintain domain reputation with separate, dedicated email servers.
Price From $45.00 per month

Virtual Private Server Hosting Packages

If you are looking for faster load speeds, more optimisation and control over how your website is hosted, a Virtual Private Server gives businesses a more comprehensive solution than retail hosting providers can supply.

8GB RAM 8GB of RAM and 4 core CPUs allows the website to respond faster to requests. Again, these resources are not shared with hundreds of hosting accounts (like other shared hosting plans) so performance is better.
4 Cores CPU
10GB Disk Space SSD super fast storage optimised for faster and more reliable data management and delivery. Virtual Dedicated Server is optimised for your website, not hundreds of others, therefore performs better.
Unmetered Bandwidth Completely flexible and dynamic bandwith to meet the needs of your business throughout the year. Faster processing helps websites load quicker.
Speed and performance Custom caching system to improve page performance. A 38% average improvement in site speed once migrated to our servers*
Security updates Prevent your website site from being hacked and protect your customers’ and business’ data.
Script updates Monthly script updates, cPanel upgrades. PHP installs.
Email Accounts (via G-Suite)* ($10 pm/u) Maintain domain reputation with separate, dedicated email servers.
SSL Certificates Authenticates the identity of your website, and encrypts sensitive information your website may carry or store.
Price From $30.00 per month

Technical Support

Like Health Insurance, Technical Support is something businesses hope they will never use. However, as soon as a website goes down or if a data breach occurs, having technical support in place, will ensure your visitors can access your website safer sooner, so you can get back to business.

More often than not, it’s not a big event such as website downtime or hacking that causes issues. It’s often the little things such as slow load speeds or pages loading incorrectly that go unnoticed by the business, but make a big impact on customer confidence.


On average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day.

(Source: Forbes)


of WordPress websites potentially exposed to flaws that the platform is actively trying to secure.

(Source: WordPress)

Four Seconds

One in four visitors abandon a website that takes more than four seconds to load.

(Source: websitebuilderexpert.com)

Forte Marketing provides a simple cost-effective technical support and website maintenance solution that keeps your website running smoothly 24/7.

Website uptime monitoring We can act immediately when your website goes down, meaning your website downtime is minimised.
Security scans Protect your website from malware and cyber-attacks that can reduce the performance of your website and lead to data breaches.
Website CMS updates Keep your website running smoothly with the latest version of your website CMS.
Plugin and extension updates Protect your website from hackers and ensure you’re using the latest technology for a better online experience.
Back ups No need to worry about remembering to back up your website, we’ll do that for you.
Website performance optimisation (quarterly) We’ll identify how your website is performing and where improvements can be made.
Website audits (quarterly) Ensure each tool, form or function on your website is performing as it should be.
Domain name renewals Never miss an expiring domain again.
Price $150 per month
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