Website analytics that tell a better story

By Juan Ruiz / November 9, 2023

To understand users’ journeys and be able to tell a better story, it is key to speak the data language, be aware of the possibilities and have an idea of the available tools for the trade. This will ultimately help to make better-informed decisions. Here are some key elements that will help you start your own analytics journey.

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Have you noticed a sudden drop in your Google search performance?

By Darren Baines / October 6, 2023

In September, Google initiated the rollout of its latest tweaks to its search algorithm, dubbed the Helpful Content Update. The second update of its kind this year, this rollout cemented Google’s commitment to ‘people first’ content. As with all Google updates, some sites notice giant […]

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Effective ecommerce web design

By Juan Ruiz / September 1, 2023

Whether you buy your groceries, clothes and presents online or have merely booked one session at your local spa years ago, chances are you’ve been exposed to the world of eCommerce in some shape or form. And with such a broad landscape it is up to business owners and developers to deliver an optimal user experience and shape how people interact, make choices and ultimately influence perceptions and decisions to move them from consideration to sale.

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Building Better Brands

By Darren Baines / August 3, 2023

There are different schools of thought when it comes to creating cut-through in today’s crowded market. On one side, compelling advertising and marketing are the ‘go-to’ for creating memorable campaigns that get people talking. On the other, there is nurturing a powerful brand identity that […]

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Building websites that last

By Juan Ruiz / July 6, 2023

Most websites, no matter how well designed or built, will need an upgrade or redesign at some point, to ensure their relevance and effectiveness as a marketing and sales tool. A lot of businesses that have been around for more than 5 years have probably […]

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Shartara’s Shenanigans – The Fifth One

By Shartara Hampton / June 1, 2023

Howdy friends, welcome to your bi-annual fill of Shartara’s Shenanigans. This one’s a real humdinger so I hope you’re settled in. Here’s where we left off last time. ⭐ We’d just finished our photoshoot for our Christmas campaign, as well as a refresher shoot for […]

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Small Business, Big Impact: Marketing Tips that Enable Success

By Darren Baines / May 3, 2023

As Queensland Small Business Month kicks off, we’re sharing our go-to marketing tips to help fellow entrepreneurs, go-getters, and business owners achieve lasting success. Whether your business has been operating for a few years or a few decades, one sure thing is that having a […]

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Five easy ways to improve your website performance

By Juan Ruiz / April 4, 2023

Website speed is one of the key elements that help (or detract) from establishing a positive first impression for visitors. In today’s world of instant gratification, we expect websites to be lightning-fast and always available. Therefore, when visiting a website, we tend to expect the […]

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The dos and don’ts of using ChatGPT for SEO

By Darren Baines / March 3, 2023

The artificial intelligence chatbot by OpenAI, ChatGPT has been causing a bit of a stir in many industries, including marketing. With an insane number of possibilities for its use and the potential to streamline or even eradicate some functions, it’s clear to see why the […]

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Web design patterns: Navigation

By Juan Ruiz / February 2, 2023

It is 2023. After 30 years we are all familiar with websites and the Internet. We easily recognise common patterns when we visit a website and even though there are many exceptions, we all have expectations in terms of where to find certain elements and […]

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