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What does Google’s latest update mean for businesses?

What does Google’s latest update mean for businesses?

By Darren Baines / May 8, 2024

It’s fair to say that Google has been playing around with its search algorithm quite a bit so far in 2024. Towards the end of April, the search giant confirmed that it had concluded the rollout of its first core update of the year. Their goal was […]

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Building an effective homepage

By Juan Ruiz / April 5, 2024

You only get one chance to make a first impression. A well-designed homepage should guide users toward their goals while serving as a “display” or “front door” for new visitors.

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Building Better Brands

By Darren Baines / August 3, 2023

There are different schools of thought when it comes to creating cut-through in today’s crowded market. On one side, compelling advertising and marketing are the ‘go-to’ for creating memorable campaigns that get people talking. On the other, there is nurturing a powerful brand identity that […]

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Small Business, Big Impact: Marketing Tips that Enable Success

By Darren Baines / May 3, 2023

As Queensland Small Business Month kicks off, we’re sharing our go-to marketing tips to help fellow entrepreneurs, go-getters, and business owners achieve lasting success. Whether your business has been operating for a few years or a few decades, one sure thing is that having a […]

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Five easy ways to improve your website performance

By Juan Ruiz / April 4, 2023

Website speed is one of the key elements that help (or detract) from establishing a positive first impression for visitors. In today’s world of instant gratification, we expect websites to be lightning-fast and always available. Therefore, when visiting a website, we tend to expect the […]

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The dos and don’ts of using ChatGPT for SEO

By Darren Baines / March 3, 2023

The artificial intelligence chatbot by OpenAI, ChatGPT has been causing a bit of a stir in many industries, including marketing. With an insane number of possibilities for its use and the potential to streamline or even eradicate some functions, it’s clear to see why the […]

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Web design patterns: Navigation

By Juan Ruiz / February 2, 2023

It is 2023. After 30 years we are all familiar with websites and the Internet. We easily recognise common patterns when we visit a website and even though there are many exceptions, we all have expectations in terms of where to find certain elements and […]

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23 marketing tips you need for 2023

By Darren Baines / January 5, 2023

2023 is set to be a challenging and exciting year with new developments and trends emerging, and the possibility of a predicted contraction in the economy on the horizon.

We’ve put together 23 tips you need to make sure your marketing is in shape.

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Avoid Writing the Wrongs

By Louise Ottewell / February 4, 2021

We are all familiar with the saying ‘less is more’ but, there are times when this unwritten rule does not apply. Before you even put down a word, it’s important to consider both your audience, and the medium. To assist, we have compiled some tips […]

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Make every word count

By Darren Baines / April 2, 2020

With businesses, schools, events, travel plans and pretty much every aspect of our lives remaining in a state of suspension, we are all having to adapt and take every step possible to keep our financial, social, mental and physical well-being in check not only for […]

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