Ep1: How can you leapfrog your competitors on Google to rank higher?

It’s a problem many businesses face.

With search engines checking numerous factors, it’s no longer a simple case of ‘stuffing’ keywords into your website – it’s become much more sophisticated.

Through competition analysis, we can effectively reverse engineer any site’s success and identify their weaknesses so you can enjoy more traffic, more frequently.

By researching your competitors’ keyword strengths and their potential value, as well as any search advertising they are running, we build an understanding of their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) health.

By looking at their content, domain authority, top referrers as well as web traffic, we then form a targeted keyword strategy.

This can be a mix of website optimisation, content creation and improving online trust factors, through to more technical enhancements such as increasing load speed.

The beauty is, we can implement any of these components to ensure you stand the best chance of leapfrogging your competitors and ultimately rank higher.

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