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Shartara’s Shenanigans – The Fifth One

By Shartara Hampton / June 1, 2023

Howdy friends, welcome to your bi-annual fill of Shartara’s Shenanigans. This one’s a real humdinger so I hope you’re settled in. Here’s where we left off last time. ⭐ We’d just finished our photoshoot for our Christmas campaign, as well as a refresher shoot for […]

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Shartara’s Shenanigans – Here we go again!

By Shartara Hampton / December 1, 2022

Welcome, welcome! Grab a nice hot beverage, have a seat and make yourselves at home. It’s time for another Shartara’s Shenanigans. Yes, it really has been that long already. Wild right? Alright, first things first, let’s get you up to speed. When last we spoke […]

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Shartara’s Shenanigans – One Year In

By Shartara Hampton / June 24, 2022

Welcome friends and fans to another chapter of Shartara’s Shenanigans. I know it’s such a cliché thing to say, but haven’t the past 6 months gone by so fast? There have been so many changes since the last time we checked in, but first, let’s […]

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Shartara’s Shenanigans. The much-anticipated update!

By Shartara Hampton / December 3, 2021

Welcome to another episode of Shartara’s Shenanigans, where you get to find out what it’s like being the marketing assistant at Forte Marketing. Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been super busy wildin out and time is flying here at the Forte Fortress as we […]

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Shartara’s Shenanigans… My first two months at Forte

By Shartara Hampton / June 4, 2021

I’m officially two months into my new role as the Marketing Assistant at Forte Marketing and what a time it’s been. Being part of the Forte team has given me countless opportunities to acquire new skills and also to develop skills that I sometimes didn’t […]

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